100 by 30 Challenge

The 100 by 30 Challenge is simply a marketing plan that any organization can integrate within their existing plan to bring awareness about using Whalely.com to benefit their organization.

(This plan will also work well for similar online resources such as AmazonSmile.)

We are only going to focus on the 4 main ways nonprofits communicate with their supporters: In person, email, Facebook, and Twitter.

This plan is specifically designed to create interaction and to get as many of your organization’s supporters to sign up and support you on Whalely.  Once they are signed up, we take over to keep them using Whalely.com for their internet searches to continue benefiting your organization for years into the future.

***Please remember, these are just guidelines and ideas.  Use it exactly if you want to, but it is best if you can put everything into the voice of your organization.

Step 1:  Sign-up as a charity at https://www.whalely.com/charity/signup

Step 2:  Receive notification that your organization passed our nonprofit check and you were approved.  Get your sharable link through your charity login area.

Step 3:  Put the marketing plan into action.

Overview of the Marketing Plan:

Day 1:  In-person to office staff, FB and Twitter announcement, Email to supporters, Email to staff and volunteers.

Day 2:  Integrate into Email evergreen email campaigns, thank you, volunteer and new-hire onboarding, consistent place in newsletters.

Day 3:  Tweet.

Day 4:  FB Post.

Day 6:  Tweet.

Day 7:  Email reminder to supporters, staff and volunteers, FB post.

Day 9:  Tweet.

Day 11:  FB Post.

Day 14:  Email supporters and volunteers, Tweet.

Day 16:  FB Post.

Day 20:  Tweet.

Day 22:  Email supporters, staff and volunteers, FB Post.

Day 24:  Tweet.

Day 28:  Email supporters, staff and volunteers, FB Post, Tweet.

Email Marketing Plan

Day 1:  Email to Staff and Volunteers.

Subject:  We need 100 ASAP


Hi All,

We just signed up with Whalely.com and we need to get to 100 users as quickly as possible.

Whalely.com is a search engine that donates directly to us for every internet search that our users perform on their site.  We get a higher percentage as soon as we hit 100 users.

Here is how you can help.

Step 1:  Go to [insert your share link here] and sign up.  You can even do the sign in with Facebook option.  Be sure to select us as your default charity.

Step 2:  Change your browser preferences to use Whalely as your default search engine.  Just follow the steps on this page.

Step 3:  Get the iphone or android app to use your phone searches for good.

Step 4:  Tell your friends, share it on social media. (use this link [insert shareable link here])

Thank you, with your help we can start generating new fresh revenue with no extra work!


Email to Supporters:


Subject:  A little help please.  (The easiest way to support us)



Have you heard of Whalely.com?  

Well, we just registered an now you can turn your everyday internet searches into contributions for us!

It is the easiest way to help support us.

Just visit [insert sharable link here] and sign up.  Then select [Your organization’s name] as the default charity.

Now every time you do an internet search with Whalely, you are helping to support our cause.

Thanks for your support!


Day 2:

We suggest integrating the suggestion of using Whalely into your follow-up campaigns for new donors, all thank you campaigns, and any onboarding campaigns.  It can be added to the content of your current emails or set as a stand alone email.  

Example Campaign Email:

Subject:  Do you throw away recycling?


Of course not.  You are socially conscious and genuinely care about the world around you.

That is why I would like to introduce you to Whalely.com a search engine that actually donates to us for every internet search that you perform.

It is the easiest way to help support us.

Just visit [insert sharable link here] and sign up.  Then select [Your organization’s name] as the default charity.

Now every time you do an internet search with Whalely, you are helping to support our cause.

Stop throwing away your recycling, start supporting us on Whalely today!



Day 7:

Email to Staff, Supporters, Volunteers

Subject:  We are almost there!



We are on a quest to get the most user possible users supporting us on the search engine that donates directly to us, whalely.com.

Yes, that is right, when you search the internet with Whalely they actually send us check!

Sign up with them today and mark [insert your organization] as the default charity.

Now you are helping to support us financially with just your everyday internet usage.

Sign up here:  [insert shareable link]

Thanks for all that you do and sign up today.


Day 14 email to Staff, Supporters and Volunteers

Subject:  Do you recycle?


Of course you do, especially when there is recycle bin right next to the trash bin.

Well, if you are not using Whalely.com to help support [insert organization name] its kind of like throwing recycling into the trash.

Whalely.com is a search engine that donates directly to us based on our users internet search acitivty.  Sign up with Whalely and select [insert organization name] as the default charity and now your internet searches are creating donations for us.

It is easy, just visit [insert shareable link] and sign up.


Day 22:

Subject:  Do you Google?


Seems like a silly question doesn’t it…but I ask for a reason.

You see we have recently signed up with an internet search engine that gives us donations based on our users searches.

Yes, you sign up with them, select us as your default charity and when you search the internet as you do probably every day, they send us a check to help support our cause.

Put your internet searches to good use and sign up today at [insert shareable link].



Day 28:

Subject:  Final Reminder!!!


We are ending our initial push to get people signed up and using Whalely.com as their internet search preference which inturn gives us more donations.

If you have already signed up, thank you!

If not, let me set your mind as ease with a couple of things:

  1. It is completely free for you and for us.  (They donate the ad revenue generated from the site.)
  2. It is the same internet.
  3. We don’t know what you are searching.  The only information we get is how many registered users have marked us, how many total searches by those users and how much money is being donated because of those searches.
  4. It works just like every other search engine and has “safe mode” enabled by default.

I hope this sets your mind at ease and you are ready to start supporting us on whalely.com.

Register at this link [insert shareable link] and be sure to set [insert organization name] as your default charity.

Thanks for the continued support.


Facebook Marketing Plan

The goal with your facebook posts is two fold, to get interaction and to get people to take action.  These will be “ask” type of posts so we suggest not promoting it more than once every 10 posts.  This plan is for a typical NP facebook page that has 2-3 posts per day.

Once this initial push is over, it is a good idea to continue promoting for your followers to designate your organization on Whalely.com about twice per month.
***NOTE*** When you insert your shareable link, it should populate your organization’s logo and link to set you as the supporting charity.


Day 1:  Announcement Post


Very Excited!  We just signed up with Whalely so that your internet searches can now create donations for us!  Check it out, sign up and select us as you default charity!
[insert shareable link]


Day 4:  Emotion Post


Do you throw your recycling in the trash?
Of course not! You put in recycling because you are a good person.
Did you know that you are essentially throwing away your internet searches by using Google or Bing.
Instead try using [insert sharable link] to start creating charitable donations with your internet searches.


Day 7:  Logic Post


The internet search market is approaching $100 billion dollars annually.

If everyone used [insert sharable link] for their internet searches, that would be more than $20 billion dollars a year going to good causes.


Day 11:  Easy Support Post


Do you know that you can help support us financially without donating any money out of your own pocket.  Just start using [insert sharable link] and select us as your default charity.  This instantly turns your internet searches into donations to us!

Sign up today!


Day 16:  Help Us Post


Will you help us?!?!
We are on a quest to hit 100 registered users on [insert sharable link].
This is important because it gives us an extra 25% in donations every month!
Just sign up, select us as your default charity and you are helping us reach our goal.


Day 22:  Emotion/Funny Post


Billions go wasted everyday…

Millions of dollars a day are missing forever…

It’s like people just don’t care…

Like they enjoy this carelessness…

It is as if they don’t care about the world around them…

You can help…

You can be a part of the solution…

It is easier than you would ever imagine…

You can stop wasting your internet searches.  You can turn your everyday internet activity into cash donations for your favorite charity.  You can make that charity us.
[insert sharable link]

Sign up today.


Day 28:  Final CTA


We are in need of a final push to put us over the edge.  Help us make the top 20!

Sign up at [insert sharable link] and select us as you default charity.

It will help us get higher donations and you can start creating those donations yourself. (For FREE)


Twitter Marketing Plan

The goal of the Twitter marketing plan is similar to that of the Facebook marketing plan but less emphasis on interaction, more on taking action.


Day 1:  Announcement Post:

Day 3:

Day 6:



Day 9:

Day 14:  

Day 20:

Day 24:

Day 28:


It’s Alive

After a month of development with many changes along the way, the first version of Whalely.com is live.


We are very proud of what has been created and even more excited about what we have planned to come. The site road-map for the next 6 months is very aggressive with a ton of new features that many of you have grown accustomed to using on your favorite search engines. We don’t want to be the status quoe, we are also working on new features you never realized you needed. We want to earn your loyalty as well as create something that is far greater than ourselves by giving back as much as we possibly can.

Join us today by making Whalely your homepage and tell 5 other people you know about us. If everyone reading this would do those two simple actions, we might be able to make the world a better place.


Whalely.com Development Continues

8/3/2016 – Creation on the new “giving through search” platform continues to move forward through development preparing for an exciting upcoming launch.

New ideas and development beget more new ideas and development tasks. We want to do this the right way the first time and will sacrifice some time to make sure our system is bulletproof.

We cannot wait to launch the greatest social alchemy that has ever been done, turning web searches into donations.

Stay tuned for the latest news about the Whalely.com launch.