Turn Your Supporters Online Activity Into Contributions... Without Them Actually Giving

How Whalely Works

Think of Whalely like Google search, but with a mission. Like Google, we support our search engine through selling site advertisements. Unlike Google, we share 15-20 percent of the revenue directly with nonprofits like yours. Every time your supporters switch from other search engines to Whalely, your organization stands to gain financially – with very little effort on your part. To illustrate…

Would you throw a bottle in the trash when a recycle bin is right next to you? Of course you wouldn’t when it’s so effortless to do the right thing. That’s exactly how Whalely works. It takes no effort to switch from Google, but millions of searches don’t go wasted – instead, they support the same social good that your organization’s mission does.

How We Share Revenue with Your Social Enterprise

We send checks monthly to the address you provide, as long as your supporters have cumulatively generated $25. Otherwise, we will send a check once your organization builds up to that amount. Whenever a supporter chooses your organization on our website, your organization benefits. But you can receive a larger share of the revenue if you officially register your nonprofit with Whalely. Here’s how we share the earnings. If your organization is:

  • Listed, but not registered – 10%
  • Registered but under 100 average daily searches – 15%
  • Registered and over 100 average daily searches – 20%.

The more of your supporters to switch to Whalely, the more your organization benefits. Consider that in 2016 advertising earnings from search engines is approaching $100 billion a year. Because of that the amount Whalely could share with your social enterprise is almost limitless. But we can’t do it without you.

How to get Started

It’s simple. Just fill out our online form to register. Once we confirm your nonprofit status we will approve your request. The more supporters that designate your organization on our site, the more your organization will earn. Once you hit 100 daily users we automatically bump you from 15% to 20% revenue share.

Charities Area

In your backend you’ll have easy access to a dashboard full of useful information including:

  • Special link that sets your organization as the default charity (great for social sharing)
  • Total number of users with your organization as their default
  • Daily averages for searches and users
  • Revenue generated stats.

To get a peek at the dashboard without having to register, note down the logins below, then click here.

  • User name: demo@Whalely.com
  • Password: demo123

Easy Ways to Share Whalely with Supporters

  • Ask your organization’s employees or volunteers to start using Whalely.com.
  • Email supporters to help them understand how Whalely makes their internet searches count. (We help with this. See next section).
  • Ask supporters to share your custom Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram link to get their friends and family on board.
  • Announce the new fundraising opportunity at events and pass out slips that say “Whalely.com”.
  • Put a blurb about Whalely in your follow-up correspondence after someone makes a contribution or registers for an event.
  • Compose a blog post about the potential of using turning internet searches into giving.
  • Share Whalely with your sister organizations so they can start benefiting, too.

Let Whalely Help Motivate Your Supporters

We appreciate all you do to make the world a better place, so we put together The 100 by 30 Challenge to help your social enterprise reach the 20% threshold in under 30 days, no matter what its size. The 100 by 30 Challenge is an easy-to-implement email and social media promotion campaign that gives your supporters something to rally for. We’ll support your efforts at reaching them and cheer you on at every step of the Whalely!