Why Use Whalely

Give To Your Favorite Cause With Your Internet Searches

Whalely Helps Your Favorite Social Causes

Whalely is an internet search engine that lets people give to charity without spending a dime. When you and others switch from Google or Bing to Whalely, 10-20% of the ad revenue goes directly to nonprofits you choose. Think about switching to Whalely this way…

Would you toss a plastic bottle in a trash can when a recycle bin is right next to you? Of course not, when it’s so easy to do the right thing! That’s how Whalely works. It’s easy to switch from Google, but millions of searches don’t go wasted – instead, they help to do good in the world.

How Do I Use Whalely for Good?

It’s easy. If you want to help your favorite social cause earn the highest percent, create an account and select your default charity. If you want us to randomly select from our top 20 nonprofits, you don’t have to create an account, just set Whalely as your default search provider. You can also choose a specific cause to benefit every time you search. To make your goodwill count most, we suggest setting Whalely as your homepage and default search from the Settings section of your browser.

How Does Whalely Work?

Whalely works just like any other search engine. Just type your query into our search box and get highly relevant results from around the web. Instead of companies like Google and Bing keeping the profits, we donate directly to your favorite cause.

Get the Smartphone App

Smartphones account for over 55% of all internet searches. Don’t forget to download the Whalely app to fuel your social cause!

Fun Facts:

If Google search worked like Whalely, Google would have donated $17.5 Billion. Google donates around $100M to social causes annually or .191% of their Search Revenue. With your help, Whalely plans to give away 105 times that amount. It takes the average person 23 seconds to sign up with Whalely.

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